Welcome to 6to9DESIGN

The design platform for all your wishes, concerns and questions concerning (interior-) architecture and urban design. The office of 6to9DESIGN, where the founder Daniël Leenders develops his creativity, is based in the very hart of Amsterdam, an incubator for many experienced designers. Together we can offer you a full service from across the board of design, building and completion. We are the linking pin in the complex world of building and we will be happy to take the problems away from you and to help achieve your dreams.


Do you ask if you can really justify an architectural office? Don’t! We are able to negotiate keenly with all parties involved on your behalf and also because we ensure that you remain within the agreed terms for budget and planning then your investment will pay for


We welcome everyone to 6to9DESIGN, irrespective of your wishes, planning and budgets. Come by and have a cup of coffee or ask us your questions by email. We will then together see how we can help you.


Or do you sometimes ask yourself if you couldn’t better just do it all yourself? Well you do it all yourself; just with our help. We ensure that the design will actually be the one that is in your head, with the right materials, on time and on budget. We will look together with you to create the perfect picture. Firstly we will listen carefully to what you want before we make an offer; it’s all about what you want and not what we want. During the whole process - from the first meeting until the actual completion of the building we will remain in communication with you so that we can accommodate all your questions and wishes.


Vision and Workmethods

“We design and deliver heaven on earth for you”


Every design we make is designed from our hearts. That is evident in our work. We make designs and choose materials that are in harmony and complimentary to surroundings. With respect for history, while retaining an eye to the future we create sustainable contemporary designs that honour the past.


Together with you.

We don’t give you off the shelf work, instead we give you the personal design that you deserve. Together we look at your wishes and together we decide on the materials, planning and the approach. From the first drawing to the last screw, from the first coffee to the final glass of champagne. Together. Transparant. This is how we work.


For everyone

6to9DESIGN is for everyone. WE work just as happily with small and with big projects, with small and with big budgets. Everyone can come to us and we approach all projects with the same enthusiasm.  Prevent frustration during or after construction; come and talk to us to find out what we can do for you at 6to9DESIGN. Consider it a present for yourself; do away with concerns and place your trust in our expertise.


A complete package

During the complete process of design and construction you’ll only have one single point of contact and that is 6to9DESIGN. No rushing backwards and forwards between different parties, we do that for you. You ask, we deliver. Due to the range of skills that we have at 6to9DESIGN, we are able to offer a complete package: execution, coordination and advice.


Return on investment

Because of our specialist knowledge of the design and building process combined with our negotiating skills with third parties  we are able to save both time and money for you; therefore we pay for ourselves. The investment that you make in our services will provide you with an excellent return on investment!


We see sustainability as an integral part of a design and think that sustainable design goes beyond just choosing sustainable materials. We are staunch advocates of the reuse or reallocation of existing real estate. Sustainable long-term thinking, for example in the design to create an independent or neutral design or to choose to heighten ceilings so that a building is more useful in the future by having anticipated changes in the future to how the building will be used.


In every building there is something to gain in the field of sustainability, whether it's a residential or business property. We look carefully at how we can implement sustainable measures, for example by using water saving elements or highly efficient mechanical installations. We also take other forms of energy use into the design process. These measures are not only beneficial for the environment but are also beneficial for the operation and maintenance of the building. Of course, everything in decided jointly with you.


What do we offer?

You can approach us not only for small projects such as tiling in a bathroom or toilet, but also for larger projects such as the design of a villa or hotel and everything in between. We are also to work internationally outside the Netherlands. We refute the thought that a renovation will always be more expensive and time consuming than planned. With our many years of experience in the design and construction process we are able to manage the planning, the budget and the execution very closely. We agree with you and the contractors a realistic planning, that we will closely manage.  Of course it goes without saying that we guide you through the whole process, involve you in decisions and invite you to join us with the work. You’re a part of our team!


You can contact 6to9DESIGN for the following construction expertise:



- Design (interior, exterior, urban planning)

- Architectural drawings

- Drawings for building-, monumental-, demolishment- and environmental permits.



- (Re-) building support / building project coordination *

- Assist in ownership splits



- Interior design (interior, styling, finishing)

- (Re-) building design advice
- Visualization / impressions for sale or development (sketch, realistic)


- Sharp negotiating with third parties
- Scheduling and budget control
- Selection of and contracting with third parties
- Applications for construction, monuments, demolition and environmental permits.


* Also during the work 6to9design would like to be your advisor and we can supervise the construction. This means that we take on the monitoring tasks, so you do not worry about having to lead this yourself. This saves you time and any unnecessary worries.


The work that we then we take on is:
- Monitoring progress during the execution
- Quality control
- Budget control

- Advice with regard to changes in the building process
- Advice on materials and workmanship
- Advice on detail
- Communication with local council, construction partners and any other third parties.


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